State of School Nutrition Services


Executive Committee members are working with industry and allied groups to develop webinars for the coming year.  Suggestions for topics of interest are always appreciated and can be directed to Chair, Alice Jo Rainville, Sponsorship Chair, Marilyn Briggs, or Education Chair, Twyla Leigh.


Nutrition Link needs YOU!  If you enjoy writing or have a story to share, please contact our newsletter editor, Bobbie Guyette. She wants to share the good news about what SNS members are doing to promote excellence in school nutrition.  Give Bobbie an idea and her committee can do the rest.

SNS Events 2014:

FNCE is October 21-24, 2017, in Chicago.  At FNCE, we will again be hosting an awards reception and member networking event on Oct 21 from 2:00-3:30pm. The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Centennial Celebration will be Saturday, Oct 21 from 4:00-6:00pm and the DPG/MIG Membership Showcase will be Monday, Oct 23 from 9:00-12:00pm.


Contact any of the executive committee members if you are interested in being a committee chair, serving on a committee, or volunteering at an SNS DPG event.  We certainly look forward to hearing from you!

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