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Excerpt from Spring 2017 Nutrition Link:

Creating Our Preferred Future

Exponential changes are on the horizon with major advancements in health care, medicine, technology and food systems. Challenges in modern health care and business environments require dietetics leaders who have skills in innovation and critical thinking, and are capable of leading diverse, results-oriented teams. In addition, the scope of nutrition and dietetics practice is expanding, with an increased broadening and complexity of practice settings.  So what will the profession of nutrition and dietetics look like in 2025?
Visioning, or thinking into the future, is hard to do. It is a necessary exercise to navigate and reach our desired destination. Visioning is the process of describing the future a group wants to attain. Visioning is a blueprint for action.
• creates a picture of the desired future,
• affirms the best of what could be,
• visualizes what excellence looks like,
• shows the best scenario for the time.

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