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International Students Gain Nutrition Knowledge Through Gardening, Cooking Experiences

High school is a trying time for many students. Now imagine dealing with high school issues in a new country and culture, being fed foods that are unfamiliar to your native cuisine.  My students face these challenges daily. I am part of the Residential Faculty at Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart in Bellevue, Washington.  I work with international boarding students, young women from all around the globe. I see the difficult adjustment they make when moving to America. For most, someone else oversaw daily meals; now, they must make daily choices to meet their own nutritional needs.  
Many of the girls fear falling victim to the obesity epidemic in our country.  They often restrict themselves and refuse to eat anything unlike what they would have at home. They have little knowledge on how to nourish their bodies.  These observations spurred me to increase programs throughout the school to expose these students to nutrition. 
To encourage our students to gain an interest in their own health, we started new many activities on campus focused on nutrition and interactions with food.  Our weekly afterschool nutrition and health curriculum includes a communally cooked, healthy meal. We discuss a variety of topics from navigating school food systems for health, to finding balance in meals through the healthy plate method.  

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